Our general conditions of sale prevail on quite other conditions. By the simple fact of placing an order, the purchaser accepts expressly and without reserve the completeness of our clauses and conditions.

Delivery : In case of shortage of stock on its deposit, the delivery deadlines given by TECH-VALVES are indicative. TECH-VALVES can' t be considered responsible for a not availability of the material at the manufacturer. In case of order, the non compliance with indicated period can give place to the cancellation of this order, neither to the decrease, nor to the damages.

Guarantee : The guarantee manufacturer applies to the material and the pieces, excepted the pieces of wear. In case of breakdown, during the initial warranty period, pieces necessary to the repair will be sent to you as soon as possible, in reception of faulty parts.

Prices : Before any confirmation of order, the prices communicated by TECH-VALVES are indicative and under reserves of valuable modifications of the manufacturers. Our prices get in Euro HT outset VILLEFONTAINE.

Conditions of payment : Except preliminary agreement of TECH-VALVES, payments are necessarily made either with order, or in the collection of the material.


The product object of the present contract are sold with a clause subordinating expressly the transfer of their property to the complete payment of the price in main thing and accessories.

It is however agreed that the simple discount of a title creating an obligation to pay, deal or the other one, does not establish a payment in the sense of the present clause, the debt native of the salesman on the purchaser remaining with all the guarantees which are attached to it, including the property reserve until the aforementioned commercial paper was effectively paid.

Measures above don't put obstacle from the delivery of the goods to the transfer to the purchaser of the risks of loss or deterioration of the goods subjected to the property reserve as well as the damages which they could cause.

The purchaser will have to sign an insurance guaranteeing the risks been born as from the delivery of the goods.

As long as the price will not entirely have been paid, the purchaser will have to individualize the goods delivered in conformance with the present contract and not mix them with the other goods of the same nature resulting from the other suppliers. For lack of individualization, the salesman can require the repayment from it or resume those still in stock.

In case of attachment, or of quite other intervention of a third party on the goods, the prchaser will necessarily have to inform the immediate salesman about it to allow him to oppose to it and to protect his rights.

The buyer refrains from himself to pawn or to give up as guarantee the property of the goods.

The purchaser will can't for some reason or talks whether it is to proceed to the resale of the goods acquired by virtue of the present as long as their price will not entirely have been adjusted to the salesman.

Any modification, transformation or change of the goods is forbidden. If the purchaser violated this ban, the salesman would be, after a formal demand by simple letter, authorized to repossess goods still in stock at the purchaser.

It was expressly advisable that for lack of payment of the one some of the terms, the totality of the price will be due immediate and can lead the immediate demand of the goods.